Man…Cheats Credit Score

Published on October th, 2012

Man …Cheats Credit Score

Biw Magazine News

By: Stella Antley

One simple trick and his credit score jumped 218 points from a low 500 to a high 700.  Banks hate this.  This is Big and worth the 15 minutes of fame you’ll invest and the only thing you’ll invest to learn more about this trick of the trade.  We all don’t have perfect credit and in this recession those that had good credit are now losers like most of us when we go to get that new car…so I must insist EVERYBODY that can read should read this. 

 Bottom line credit reporting bureaus are privately owned and they love giving out poor scores so that banks can charge us higher interest rates….it’s a win –win for everyone but you and me.  Go to  (must find the article)  You’ll see a powerful  power point (IT’S FREE…SO FAR JUST WANTS YOUR EMAIL TO SEND YOU—I DID IT AND IT WORKED) on just how he did it and other nifty need to know stuff on  how banks, credit reporting agencies and other lenders are ripping us off and getting paid to boot….so lenders can give us the boot when we apply for anything on credit be it a tooth pick or a pickup truck.  Read this one and weep. 


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